The top 10 most frequently asked questions about Dover High School.

10.  Do you have to go to all classes to graduate?   No of course not.
9.  Can you forge your parents signature on report cards?  Of course.
9.  Can you go to DHS more than 4 years?  Yes, most do!
7.  Can a DHS classmate ever come back as principal of  DHS?  What do you think?
6.  Do you need a teaching degree to teach at DHS?  Not all teachers do....
5.  Can students cheat on their tests?  Its an acquired talent.
4.  Does DHS have any pull in getting into college?  Only at County College.
3.  Do most students go on to college from DHS?  Only at County College.
2.  Can you take your car to DHS?  Not unless you are a student there.
1. All the teachers at DHS must have green cards.