We want to wish you all the very best to you and your families.  

Stay well and keep in touch.  Be careful, 2018 is here, and October 2019 is in view.




Hello DHS Classmates of 1959. 

Friendships are renewed at every reunion.
The next reunion will be October 18th, 19th, and 20th, 2019, and we will be celebrating our 60th reunion! Celebrate our 60th reunion for the class of '59.
The Class of '59 is the best graduating class of Dover High School.

We will journey  back to 1959 when we were teenagers, with absolutely no idea what it would be like to come to a 60th reunion in 2019.   
Now we can laugh and joke about how old we got, to make fun of ourselves, and enjoy a weekend of memories, if we can remember that far back.
I think you might feel the same way,  but just thinking about us as teenagers is a hoot.

So thank you for coming to our 55th reunion in October  2009.  It was special. Looking forward to our 60th reunion in 2019.



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Patti Payne (Allison)
retired teacher Single Again 4
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Norman Barrier
Semi-retired CPA Married 2
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Gloria Billig (Barwicke)
retired Widowed 2

Thank you David for setting up a 50 yr. class reunion.   I know  we will have a good time.  Can hardly wait.

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Lloyd Bernstein
Divorced 2
What does it mean when you look through your yearbook, see pictures of alleged classmates, and say to yourself, "I never saw that person in my life!  Who is that, and why are they in my yearbook?!"  I guess I'll find out very soon, eh? Send Lloyd a MessageSend Lloyd a Message
Nancy Rotondo (Burd)
Retired Married 2
Im looking forward to this reunion to see many of my friends that I haven't seen in 50 years Send Nancy a MessageSend Nancy a Message
joy clemens
LMFT, retired Single Again 3
hi, you all!  just found this site, although i've been corresponding through classmates.com, this is much better.

miss those ole days, good and bad!  glad my journey has brought me where i am - happy to correspond with any of my classmates!

  love to  all,

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Fran Sakala (Cordes)
Retired - teacher Married 3
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Drew Diesel
retired drewandflo1970@gmail.com Married 2
Hi 1959 grads
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.
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Helen Neer (Eble)
Underwriting Analyst for Workers Compensation Widowed
I hope to be able to come and see all of my classmates that come to the reunion.  Thank you, David, for taking the time and going through the trouble, to do this for us.  I am also wondering where the heck did 50 years go?!?!? Send Helen a MessageSend Helen a Message
David Greenberg
Consultant Married 2
Can't wait to see everyone. Send David a MessageSend David a Message
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