Here is the list of attendees for our 55th.                              

Here is the most current list of attendees 
Donald Alperti  with Jean Bachran
Jean Bachran Alperti with Don
Grace Bernath Beyer and Jerry
Judy Billig Danielson and Skip
Judy Bixler Johnson
Al Burhart and Georgene

Lenny Carducci 
Drew Diesel and Florence

Elaine Doyle Serao
Sharon Drew Smolen
Donna Faust and Chris Przirembel
Larry Fish and Mary 
Terry Fitzpartick and Judy
Jimmy Gallo and Sharon
Judie Gearheart Huber and Jack
Iann "Toni" George Holmund

David Greenberg and Judy
Lois Greenberg Mason and Sid
Janet Hahn Steele and Roy
Ken Hartman and Ruthanne
John Huber with Judie Gearhart
John Huhn and Lois
Janice Jones Johnston and Dick
Mary Judge Neubauer
Richard Kapash and Edith

Barbara Keller
Eugene Kish and Barbara

Joan Kraft Petrone and Bernie
Bob Lee and Judy
Carol Lindale Pilkenton
Janet Louis Collict
Elaine Lovito Sargent and Jerry
Bob Lupia and Barbara
Brenda Manning Woodhull and Bill
Peggy Martin Krueger Joan Martin

Mary Lou Matteo  
Mary McCarthy Kelly
Cora McGrath Kelly Stark         
David Mauriello and Judy 
Regina Meola Geoghan
Ruth Miller Otey
Ken Morrissey
Barbara Nazzaro Bettens

Marsha Minis Vitow
Helen Neer Eble
Mike Palanchi and Irene
Nancy Pautz Smith
Bob Pennisi and Dianne
Chris Przirembel and Donna Faust
Carol Dean Roe Morrison
Norman Rosenfarb
Nancy Rotondo Burd and Jim
Mary Jane Sarsony Stake and Don
Sheila Schindler Gubnitsky and Jerry
Carol Scudder Jenkin and Rich

Ed Sharer and Tracy
Rosalie Tarnoff Shapiro and Phil
Irma Vela Lorenz
Joan Waitzel Kubik and Len

Ron Webb and Maureen
Barbara Weiner Connelly and Rich

Jack White and Pamela
Harry Wolverton and Dorothy





Guest RSVP'd
Al Burkart
Marsha Miniso-Vitow
Regina Geoghan
Robert Lupia